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Consistency, a quality that we have strived for and feel we have achieved. How is consistency achieved at Whitetail Sales deer farm? For consistency, we have 6 female lines that we have identified as core breeding does. We consider our program to be built on these 6 foundation doe lines and will breed 6 different does with different sires inside each maternal group which will give us a program of 36 does to fawn each year. With these core females we have strived on shock effect. With these core females, we are careful who we breed with, this has given us the consistency that you should demand when buying does.

Hardcore, Encore, Bucky, High Roller, Poncho, Maxbo and other proven typical lines has sustained this. We have been blessed to have W-99, 235” frame, grossing 290” (Redoy Bill’s brother) he has added unbelievable frame and width. Since 2002, we were one of the first northern farms in the country to start incorporating TX blood with first introducing Oscar Jr. on a pure TX doe & have geared up through the years using Express, 20/28 Highlife, Overdrive, Gladiator & Gladiator II in our herd for EHD hardiness. This is a second herd we have in Missouri, this herd is TX tough & we now have sons & daughters over ¾ TX, both farms we breed for maximum typical growth.

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