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We have

6 Female Lines

that we have identified as


Even though we flirt with a few other doe lines we consider our program to be built on those six lines and will breed six does inside each group which will give us a program of 36 females to fawn every year.

 With these core females we have strived to concentrate on 2 big words

Shock Effect

With this said, we believe width is one of the most important factors, if you know me well, I say all the time width sells. With that said, we do not bring in an AI sire under 24”, our main foundation herd sire W-99 is 27” inside @5. Proven AI sires is another responsibility we feel owed to our customers and breeding program.

Over the years we have AI’d with many of the top sires in the industry such as:

Reno, Highroller, Flees Bucky, Maxbo, 20/28, Poncho, Hardcore, Encore, Overdrive, Sundowner, and many others.

2012 AI Sires include: W-99, Sudden Express, Bucky, Express, Premier, Gladiator II, Bull, 20/28, Boudro, Beyond Control, and Escalade.






Split Ear


Yellow 4


Daisy Mae Line

  Off the Flees farm we identified 2 doe groups we want to work with. We are by no means saying there is any flaw in their many doe groups, we have just felt with where we are going these 2 doe groups work for us. The 1st is Daisy Mae, she is the maternal Dam to Bucky and Daisy. Daisy is the only daughter Daisy Mae had before she died. Daisy is the mother to Harry, Miss Daisy and Daiseree, the mother to 1 of our dams. Her father is G-36, Daiseree is the mother to Duke the largest typical 2yr. old ever on their farm. TD and 2 Timberjack sons which were 2nd and 3rd largest yearling ever in 2008, remember who was 1st, , Sudden Impact. Highlights from this line this year would include Remington, Interpretur, and Dream On. I know of no sons, grandsons, or great grandsons out of this line that do not stand out. Of these does we  have a daughter, G36 on Daiseree & a Primetime daughter out of maternal Double bred Daisy out of Daiseree’s sister Miss Daisy. This year we sold two beautiful breeder bucks out of this line. They were full brothers out of Bucky/G36/Daisaree.

Patrick 112 Line

  We have both sides of the fence here, world famous Eddie Ray’s Patrick 111 and 112, dam and grandam to Thunderstorm, Silverhawk, Silver Bill, Silverstorm, Blazer, Punchbowl, Blackhawk, Fear Factor and many others. The other side is Gzell foundation which has helped put Mark Sipes, Jeff Huston, and Bruce Ritchey on the map. Big sires include Doc, Creature, Herbie, Cyclone, Elwood, Jethro, No Max, Barry, Smoke, and Moose. Both lines are all about big frames, one of our requirements. We have owned Punchbowl and J-8’s wombsisters, and a direct daughter of Blackhawk’s womb, a daughter of Creatures sister, Elwood’s full sister, granddaughters of P.J. 50. We have built serious foundation with crossing big proven sires, Maxbo, Reno, Silverstorm, and in 2010 we added Shadow, Maxbo Hardcore, and Bucky, sons on our farm are all big framed. Consistency is on track. Offspring are always asked about on farm tours. Sold 3 breeder bucks out of this line and used one in 2011. This year two of our herd sires come from this line. Beyond belief which is the epitome of good looks with a 214” frame and gross score of 227” @2.The other is PayDay which is an impressive 350” @2 with a huge 233” frame.


Pebbles Line

  The Pebbles line is the other doe group we are working with from the Flees farm. She is the dam and grandam to many famous offspring, females include O-105, B-37, R-32, R-33, and Little Pebbles. Sons and grandsons include Maxbo Encore, Hardcore, Maximus DT, Maximus CR, Updraft, Flees’s Poncho, 0079, Maxbo Premier (largest yearling to date out of her line and a very big 4yr. old with a 250” frame and over 470” gross).  We now have the Pebbles line, three foundation does go back to O-105. Added to her are Flees Harry and Silverado, another has Buster, B-70, and Maximus DT, and the third has Ice and Bucky added. We also have one with MaxboXL, Flees Harry on P-4 and Little Pebbles.


Split Ear II Line

  A little history will help you understand why this typical line fancies me. Split II had a son in 2004 that was 216” nearly perfect typical and was recognized as the largest frame in the country, 24” inside, 6x6.

 I started digging into how Robert Schmucker had come into this line. When he started he approached Roy Yoder and purchased 8 female fawns out of his program. When delivery was to be made Roy explained that the family had attached themselves to 1 doe fawn and asked if they could keep her and deliver 7, Robert agreed. That lone single doe fawn was Dena the mother to Redoy Bill, and W-99, in my opinion two of the most influential breeders ever. The reason for the story is we know Split II and Dena have the same father, but I believe they actually are even closer as in womb sisters.

 Back to the beginning, after visiting with Robert in 2004 I realized that Split II had just birthed quintuplets. I told Robert that I had interest in them and by the time I left I bought 4 of the 5. Another gentleman ended up with the fifth sister, in 2008 he had one of the sharpest 2yr. olds, 235” 21” inside 16” G-2’s. Along with the four girls I purchased another daughter out of Ruger and Split II and rented  Split II and Magnets womb sister in 2005 and AI’d her & produced Sunny Son out of Split II, Magnets half brother. He has bred and backed up on our farm 210” frame 250” gross @4, sharp buck. We Lap AI’d 6 doe out of Split II foundation to Highroller and Bucky to continue this huge frame. By the way I know of no offspring out of Split II ever under 190” @ 3 or under 20” inside, all frame enjoy her sons and grandsons, sold a Highroller 3 yr. old as a breeder, obviously a very big frame. Questions always arise about their sons on the farm, they stand out. This year one of our main herd sires is out of the Split II line. Bodacious is a true giant @ 27” inside with five tines over 14”.



Yellow 4 Line Highroller’s Dam

  We were very fortunate to get our hands on this doe line, it is what put Dean Borntrager on the map. Dan Weaver Doe is the grandam to Highroller, Drifter, Rimrock, Eagle, Waylon, Waldo, and probably the mother to Sundance. Even though She puts a lot of multiple points she does consistently put on big frames, which is what we are after. We have 3 daughters out of Highroller’s  sister (P-2) Waylons sister, who is out of Y-4 and Bambi. We have had some success with line breeding Highroller into this cross. Last year we used Highroller along with Maxbo & Maxbo 727.

Mary Line

  Y-69 is a foundation doe from Griffith Brothers, if you are a deer breeder you should know her #, she is the dam to PA Geronimo. He has a sister that all of our line goes back to. Mary from Jeff Huston, dam to Hatchet and huge Herbie yearling on Jeff’s farm this year. Grand offspring include Sipes Smiley, Scarface, Warden, Shattered, and our main herd sire in 2011  , Big Business. We have a direct daughter out of Hatchet’s twin, she is the mother to a 215”, 186”, and a 185” yearlings, all out of Reno. We also have the yearling full sister and a Bucky daughter out of her. We purchased a Reno daughter out of Scarface’s twin.



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